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Independent Authorized Builder of Westchester Modular.

Since 1998, F.M. Properties, Inc. has designed and built custom modular homes in partnership with Westchester Modular, functioning as the exclusive builder for Westchester Modular in Rhode Island.

Mike built my Westchester Modular home in Tiverton. He was easy to do business with. Mike worked with me on all the custom paints, flooring and other finishing touches - and honored all the warranty repairs throughout the first year. I would do it all over again, given the chance!
— Cynthia

About Modular:

Modular Homes are a type of building system where the home is constructed in various segments (called "Modules"), in a climate-controlled factory. These components are constructed by skilled craftsmen using fine machinery and innovative methods.

Westchester Modular is a leader in the space, representing an exceptional level of efficiency and quality. For many, a Westchester Modular home solves for low maintenance, fast-build solutions without compromising quality, attention to detail and concern for the environment. The end-product is perhaps not a house, but a home to be enjoyed from generations to come.

The Build:

The initial stage of the building process begins at the design phase. Here, state of the art Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems generate your floor plan. (In-house Engineering Departments eliminate the need for costly outside Engineering Firms). Once designed, the actual building process begins. This process is very similar to what you have seen during the construction of site-built houses. The construction of the modules greatly reduces, if not eliminates altogether, weather delays, subcontractor no-shows or materials gone missing.

The Set: 

Once the modules have been thoughtfully constructed at the factory, they are ready to be delivered and "set" on your site. Delivery is by truck to the site where the modules are gracefully lifted by a crane and placed onto the permanent foundation. (This is surely a sight to see and one of the favorite parts of this process for our clients). An experienced "set crew" will put the modules together on the foundation.

Final Finish Work: 

As your local builder, Mike leads the final finish work necessary. There are many elements that can be customized to your specifications and his crew is intimately familair with the nuances of perfecting this final phase of work.